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Employee speak

Vaishno ICD is a market leader in its domain with world-class infrastructure and facilities, and we offer our employees the opportunity to be the best at whatever they do. We encourage our employees to acquire and develop both technical and leadership skills. We truly believe in the saying that the leaders aren’t born, they are made. At Vaishno ICD, we seek to recognize and develop leadership skills in every employee.

Through hands-on learning coupled with training and development opportunities, employees can enhance their functional skills, people-management skills, and decision-making skills. We believe in building leaders who can take on challenges, innovate, and become success stories. Through our different training activities, we aim to identify high performers across the organization and nurture them in career and professional development.

We keenly promote an open culture, encouraging feedback, and we respond actively to transform it into action. We believe that excellence is not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement. From a work culture that provides genuinely equal opportunities, a sense of team spirit that goes right down to a common lunchroom, to a feeling of oneness as senior managers and their teams sit together in an open, wall-free environment- Vaishno ICD offers an uncommon place to work and excel. We aim to provide an environment where your voice will be heard and valued.